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AXE Trader Ltd. Disclaimer

Axe Trader Ltd. offers fee-based assessment services and facilitates connections with third parties for Potential Traders who meet specific criteria defined by Axe Trader (“Eligible Traders”). Our services involve evaluating the simulated trading performance and results of Potential Traders in certain virtual off-exchange foreign currency instrument pairs (“Forex”) and/or selected virtual contracts for differences (“CFDs”). We conduct data analysis based on simulated trading activities in demo accounts traded by Potential Traders through Axe Trader’s platform, utilizing data provided by a third-party broker. Our methods and techniques are established and maintained by Eligible Traders.

Axe Trader grants access to a third-party’s simulated trading platform, related demo accounts, and simulated trading information for the purpose of conducting data analysis and assessment services. This third-party offers Eligible Traders a simulated trading environment and an opportunity to earn a share of virtual trading gains generated in demo accounts, as specified in their agreement with the Eligible Trader.

Additionally, Eligible Traders acknowledge and agree, as outlined in their agreement, that the third party has the right to collect and use the data obtained from Axe Trader for their own benefit, including the option to replicate trading activities based on this data. The third party also retains the right to incorporate any information received from Axe Trader regarding Eligible Traders into actual live market trading, which they will conduct for their own account and at their own risk.

Theoretical performance outcomes should not be considered as reflective of real trading experiences and are typically formulated with the advantage of historical knowledge, which may either overstate or understate the influence of specific market factors such as limited liquidity and price fluctuations. Moreover, since theoretical trading does not carry financial risk, it cannot fully encompass the impact of various risk-related elements, including an individual’s or advisor’s capacity to manage losses or adhere to a specific trading strategy when confronted with trading setbacks.